Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Tuesday Cleaning in the Quilt Room

Frank is all better.  Thanks for all the well wishes.  I saw quite a few people over the weekend and and was surprised to see how many actually read what I write!  Thanks to everyone!

I am going to spend today cleaning up and trying once again to organize my sewing area.  I need another Clean Up Your Crap Challenge.

I have been doing large work on a table set up in the den.  This lets me watch TV while I work, but it really is not conducive to being in my sewing room and with all my stuff I need.

So I am going to, once again, clear off my sewing table.  One of the ends has separate and Frank is in full fix it mode.  See the clamps right where my knee goes under the machine?

Fun.  Really fun.  But hopefully he will remember to fix it this week.

And I will have a clearer place to work.


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  1. Sometimes it just gets so bad you have to spend the time clean up. Why can't the cleaning fairy just do it?!


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