Saturday, October 6, 2012

Retreat Night One

No pictures while I am here, unless I can get Ann's fancy dancy iPad to take a pic and post from there.  (maybe I will get one for Xmas.....hint hint hint! ). Do you think he is reading my blog????

We had the strangest drive up here.  Just past the airport the road narrows from a four lane to a two lane.  Then in Baker/Central it opens back up to a four lane.  I am inthe left lane of the northbound side and a man turns from a side street......COMING RIGHT AT ME!!!

OMG!!  Traffic was slowing for the stop light, so no one was going fast, thank goodness.

I come to a complete stop, and so does he.  Mexican stand off.  I am in my correct
Ane so I am motioning for him to go to a cut out to his correct side.  But he is not.

He finally goes. Around me and back into the wrong lane behind me!!! I didnt get his license number and I lost him in the traffic.

It was a bit unsettling, he had no idea he was in the wrong lane.

And the next really odd thing was we stopped in Clinton at a restaurant on the town square for lunch. There were about 12 people already in there, seated at what looked like a bar.  There were sofas in part of the restaurant with pricetags....obviously for sale, along with end tabled, lamps and pictures. Just likes regular furniture store.

It was very good but it took them about two hours to get the food out, first they cooked all the shrimp dishes.  Then they cooked all the BBQ dishes, then they cooked all the hamburger steaks.....he did one type of food item at a time.    Economy of motion for sure!  But it was very inefficient to serve your customers this way.

I have already finished the Saints quilt top and am working on the  Southwest top.

Have fun my sweeties!

glen on the oddball retreat!!!

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