Saturday, October 27, 2012

Stash Report and a New Addition

Yes, I was weak.  I went to the quilt shop to purchase the Christmas Dog Fabric and fell in love with this.  So it will become my Christmas Table Runner.  Sorry Dogs.

With that purchase I added 1.75 yards of Christmas delight!

used this week -6.910
used in Oct -59
added this week 6.250
Add in Oct 66
Used YTD -203
Added YTD 177.25
Stash Reduction 

Here is a tease of what it is looking like this Saturday afternoon.  Going together quite nicely.  It was no particular pattern.  I just opened EQ and went to table runners and thought this would fit the bill for a cute Christmassy runner that would showcase the fabrics, be easy and quick and not too much cutting and sewing.

I got it finished just before dinner.  Dinner was Leek and Corn Chowder I cooked this morning.  I know Ann is on the road and probably hungry right now for some of this deliciousness.

I finished and wanted to take a picture of my amazing Christmas Table Runner and this happened.  Which is what happens any time I try to take pictures.  I put a Santa bowl for effect and they thought it contained some marvelous new doggy food and would not leave it alone.

Obviously bassets are pretty smart because after they decided there was nothing in it, DiNozzo sat to wait for it to be filled!

That is about the best picture you will get until Frank gets his stuff off the table and I can take the picture in the REAL place it will be.

I failed to think about the binding, so I have to head back to the store on Tuesday and get binding for it.  Black.  I have enough of the green, which is the back, but I wanted black.

Oh, here is the back......What you see on the design wall is Patch No Work Moroccan which is the bed quilt for my room.  That is a corner of the queen sized quilt.  Hopefully I still have all the pieces because for sure there is no more fabric left.  The quilt shop it came from is long gone......

Hey Amelia.....I miss you!


  1. nice runner, I like the black on the outside to make the bright cheery colors pop. you're thinking christmas already?

  2. I agree with DiNozzo - fill the bowl with something yummy. Great job on the Christmas runner.

  3. Love your dogs. Very pretty runner. Even with the addition you are still in stash reduction territory and since it's almost done, the fabric that counts as in should be counting as out.


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