Tuesday, October 9, 2012

What a Day!

79 Comments and 198 views.  What a day yesterday's post was!  It was wonderful hearing from everyone and having all those wonderful comments.  I am going to try to get to everyone this week and personally thank each one for stopping by!

Monday was a bit exacting.  My mother has begun to have seizures.  They are small in scope but coming pretty quickly together   They started, of course, when I was on retreat.  So Frank had to go to the nursing home in my stead on Sunday.  It exhausts her and she sleeps between them.  They feel they have the ability to control them. The Dr. comes this week to see her.

The Retreat?  Oh, yes, the Retreat.  It was wonderful and so productive  I got THREE, count them THREE tops completely done.

The Saints:

Parenthetical Kit from Red Stick Shop

I will save the Southwest for tomorrow to show you the progression of the borders.  Pretty cool.

Here are some other highlights:

Alice and her lamp.  Don't you love that lamp.  I think she should have taken it home with her, she just looked so good in its lightfall.  She certainly had the most elegant table in the place!

This is Julie the New Girl.  She put together a drawer in her scrap chest and made this wonderful quilt!  She has some talent to put all those pieces together and make it look like a unified quilt.

There were two gals putting together table toppers for a charity project they are involved in.  The Tribeca Luncheon will offer handmade items for sale.  I would estimate they put 9 or 12 toppers together for the group.  All were lovely enough to sit on my tables!

And she had enough time to put several hundred cats together for a City Cat Quilt!

AND work on a dog round robin.  She was making tiny paw prints  for her border.  I love it.  I wanted to steal it.  I think she may be missing her dog when she gets home to unpack.

Tommy was handquilting.  Impressive, nice tiny stitches, beautifully even lines.  I was truly envious of her patience and stable fingers.

 Miss Thelma quietly worked on her incredible bargello quilt.  Can you imagine how beautiful this will be when she finishes it?  She does the most amazing work, she does.  And is quiet as a mouse.  Maybe that is my problem, I am not so quiet.

Caroline now has 6 of these babies together   I love how the fabrics play so well with each other.  They come together like glue, a mishmash, yet a definite pattern.  Love it.

you don't have to quilt when you come to a quilting retreat either!  This crochet afghan was completed here and another one in reds was started.  Last year we had a beader with us.  She did wonderful creations.

Jackie worked so hard on cutting, sewing and squaring things up.  And it all paid off with beautifully perfect blocks.  Not like mine, which are decidedly wonky.....but on purpose.......can I say that with a straight face?

The wonderful lady who cooked for us all weekend was making this cathedral window quilt.  She got excited last year after seeing all our quilts and us working on them, she started her own!

That is a sampling of what people were doing.  And I didn't even mention the food.  I don't fit into any of my pants anymore. Ann brought the cookies we all wanted though.  They were simply the Lemon Newtons from the Figgy Newton people, but totally different.  Made from whole wheat, lightly sweetened, and full of lemon rind for flavoring.  If you want a good cookie, that will keep you on your diet, try that one.

I loved every minute of my stay in the Retreat Center in Norwood.  Can't wait till next year, gals!



  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful time! Lemon Newtons? Never had seen those in Ohio. Didn't even know they made such a product. Hope your Mom is doing better!

  2. Lemon newtons might be worth a taste... Love that Saints quilt. Glad you all had a great time. Wish I'd been there! Maybe next time.


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