Friday, October 12, 2012

Wicked Blog Hop and a Costume Idea

The Wicked Blog Hop is going to be starting soon, you can find the schedule here:

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I have a Wicked block coming out on Tuesday October 30.  I thought to find my Ami Simms Halloween quilt and show you that one, but I have searched and searched and searched to no avail.

I will tell you this interesting fact, the Truth Bomb came out this morning and says to me:  You are important, very important.  And just when I was feeling NOT so important.  And I found it it was true!  Carrie emailed me with a sewing problem.  She wanted to make a Grey Lady Ghost costume and didn't  understand what they were telling her to do.  You basically take grey or silvery tulle and make a rectangle the size of you but wide .  Sew it to another rectangle on two sides to make an open ended tube.  And use a grey or silver ribbon to sew a gathering stitch 3 inches down from the top.  That creates a poof of tulle ruffle around your face hiding your neck. The tulle drapes over your shoulders and down to the floor.  You cut out a slit for the arms.

The costume is completed by wearing a pair of grey leotards with the feet cut out and the crotch split for your head.  (Buy NEW ones for this, LOL)  And another pair for your legs.

The best part is to get some grey face paint and a doily.  Place the doily over your face and paint through the holes!  Is that not cool?

And I shall leave you with my personal favorite Vampire!  Barnabas Collins!

glen:  isn't he deliciously sexy?  And rich!


  1. It is cool! He is sexy ... Tall, dark, and handsome to boot!

  2. Finally ! Someone old enough to know and understand the secret lust I have always had since I was 12 for Barnabus Collins. Twilight ain't got nothin compared to Dark Shadows. I think Morticia from Addams family hooked up with Barbabus and they live happily ever after with Fang living under the stairs :-)


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