Friday, November 9, 2012

Cotton robin flies again!

I was excited to get the post from the cotton robin Krewe.  She is ready to start another round starting maybe in mid January.  The basic idea is that you make an 8 inch block and send it to Julie.  She shuffles them around you get someone else's block.

You put on a small border, it passes to the next, then the next.  The fourth person quilts and binds it.

The whole thing is like twenty inches total so the comittment is not huge.  And the exciting thing is the day you get it back is like Christmas when you are 5!!!

And at the big  reveal the second most exciting thing is that you have a piece of you in someone else's quilt too!

Check out the big reveal from the lat session and sign up for the next round of the Cotton Robin with Julie!

I did!!!


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