Monday, November 26, 2012

design wall Monday 11-26-12

So I tell Frank that he has only 11 days to make sure he has an Emcee for the CAAWS party on the 13th of Dec.  He panics.  But I am wrong, he has just over 2 weeks, more like 16 days.  Not too bad.  I just wanted to let him know because when he panics the day before and wants me to do it,  I can say not enough time, dear.....sorry.  I really need to prepare anyway, I guess.
Africa or African Women

So what I am working on is a combination of things.  I have two quilts prepared for quilting, Southwest and Judy's class she taught, I can't remember the name but I call it Africa.

And I have the Spools that I need to get together, but I can do that on Tuesday at the Red Stick.

I made two journals from the BQ Quilt blocks that were leftover from the two quilts for Dan and Amber (this is a good picture of one of the quilts) were made into journal covers.  A very very very very easy method.  More later when I have a full battery in my camera to take pictures of the process.  One block is so large that it made two books!  And I gave one to Swooze when we met.  I will have to do a post on how to do it, so simple!  Maybe an informal class at the Red Stick!

I am fighting with the tension on the longarm.  I think I got that straight and the stitch regulator is not working.  I spent 2 hours working on the tension issue and finally got that figured out, but not before I #$%@*@  up the tension so that I needed to reset it.  Aughhhh!

You want to know what the problem was?

I bought a pantograph that was 11 inches wide.  My shelf is not, it is more like 8 inches wide.  And the thread trailed along the overhang.  So now I have to cut all my panto rolls down to whatever my shelf width is.  I guess it makes sense, that added a "tension" to the thread as it rolled through the machine.  But I think it was stupid of the machine to react that way.

It could have said, hey, trim the panto and I will work for you.  Instead it threw a hissy fit and set out to give me ulcers.  Stupid machine............


  1. I feel your pain. I seem to have lost my stitch regulator so have done the last three quilts without it. The good part is that it has made me slow down and that has made my quilting look better. Hmm, lesson learned? Anyway, I hate tension problems, mostly because I hate ripping out stitches. Hope all is back to normal soon.

  2. Don't you love when the long arm has a mind of its own? NOT. At least you now know what the issue is. I'd love to see how you make the journal covers. Time for me to get off the computer and on to the sewing machine!

  3. Love the colors of your Africa or African Women quilt. Beautiful! Good luck with the machine, I have issues with my little Janome so I feel your pain!!

  4. I'm very interested in those cute journal covers! I keep a quilt notebook and it would be great if it had a quilted cover to go with.


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