Sunday, November 4, 2012

Stash report and Houston Quilt Show Pics

 One of the highlights of the show for me was seeing this beauty in person.  I watched as it grew and grew and devopled.  To see it in its beauty was amazing.

I have not had time to really unpack my quilting stuff, I did get a load of clothes washed and a good night's sleep.  Now if I can just get my nose unstopped and breathing I would be fine.  Frank says he never goes to the George R Brown Center in Houston that he does not come home stopped up in the head.

I do have a stash report for you, tiny as it is it is still inspiring.  And I want you to see the miraculous achievement.  After a week in Houston at the thousands and thousands of booths, I am STILL in the negative!  YES!!!

used this week 0

used in Nov 0
added this week 18.285
Add in Nov 18.285
Used YTD -203
Added YTD 195.5
Stash Reduction -7.5

And here are a couple of pictures from the show.  I will put all of my pics of the quilts in a bank where you can link and go through them and they are not on the blog taking up space in my photo storage.


  1. I love that blue quilt with the tiny pieces! that center is beautiful and the red/blue combo is so pretty.

  2. Thanks for showing us some Houston pics. I haven't been in a few years and always miss going. You did very well on your stash report for having been by a LOT of fabric opportunities. I'm impress with your will power!


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