Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Best Saturday Ever!

Even though it did not seem like a Saturday with all the holidays going on, it was a pretty good one.

If you want to see what a lot of south Louisiana looks like, here is a nice picture of the Atchafalaya Basin Swamp.  This is where the Mississippi River would be draining if man would not force it into submission down the current path.

I had arranged to meet Swooze (from Mesquite, TX) at a restaurant in Lafayette.  It was fairly equi-distant between the two of us, Baton Rouge and New Iberia, where she was in town visiting with her brother.  She brought along the two most delightful parents you can imagine.  We talked her dad's ears off, so he took solace in Frank's more sedate manner.  (Although if you can withstand the millions of questions Frank fires at you, you are doing well.)
To no avail.....

There's me trying to be serious......
Swooze, her mom and I terrorized the quilt shop after dinner and bought a "few" yards of fabric on a nice 40% discount.  I had never been to this shop so it was good seeing all the people and enjoying their amusement at our antics.  There were some ladies I knew in the classroom so I felt totally at home.

you can see Frank in the reflection!
It was wonderful seeing the face behind the blog and comments and texts.  We were instantly felt a kinship like we had known each other for years!  And Mom and Dad were just great in the mix.

I bought some shot cotton and some homespun type stripes for some table runners and she bought bright and beautiful batiks.  Mom got fabrics for a table runner, blue and red.  I think Dad and Frank slept off the lunch in the car while we shopped.  To their credit, the men were very very patient and didn't complain much.

Here is my haul, when I was friviously purchasing these fabrics I did not once think of my stash report...........

Let's do this again.....I loved seeing that you were taller than me......I gotta keep friends like that!

glen:  and hey, when are you going to post to your blog again......dearie?

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