Wednesday, November 7, 2012

What Goes Down, Must Come Up - McGee Style

Such a cute face.  Such a bad boy.

You know he is a fiend for material.  Of any kind.  Now I have my studio barricaded against Basset Hounds. The Swissys were so good!  They never bothered my stuff at all.  Except for Dutch, who wanted to carry my purse all the time.  DiNozzo went through this stage for months in his first year and I am hoping that McGee will grow out of it.

He seems to have it worse than DiNozzo though.  So I am skeptical.

Today, I was doing some quilting on the Saints quilt.  I left my bright yellow Fons and Porter gloves in the tray with all the other implements I use, the machine feet, pins, scissors, screwdriver.  Gloves.

I eat lunch, and get back to quilting, only one glove.  I search high and low.  Only one glove.  I look at McGee.  He swallows hard.  I had already lit into him for chewing on my winter coat.  I screamed a bit and threw my coat across the room.  The Swissys would run in terror from Crazy Mom and never want to see it again.  Bassets are very different.  They just don't care, they join in with Crazy Mom!

So I realize that he has eaten my glove.  I look at him, apologize and get the hydrogen peroxide.  But I can't find the syringe or the turkey baster.  So I remember he had my empty ketchup bottle in his mouth just the other day.  I got that and was effective in delivering a good dose.

From earlier today, looking at
Squirrels in dining room
As always, about 30 seconds later, up comes the bone from lunch followed by the bright yellow quilting glove!  Yuck!

I felt so bad for the little guy.  He threw up for about 15 minutes and then just crumbled the bone I gave him to fill his empty tummy.  Poor boy.

But, I doubt he will learn anything from this episode and I will keep saving his life on a daily basis.

Stupid bassets..............


  1. Goofey dog! Why on earth would it eat a glove? I couldn't have tasted good. Did you wash the glove and then use it?

  2. I would think the forced vomiting would make him learn that eating moms stuff isn't fun. I was lucky, abbey just went for hard plastic objects - no fabric. He'll grow out of it eventually. I hope you have a house left when he does :-) will the couch be next?

  3. It's amazing what dogs will 'eat' maltese never touched a thing...but my yorkie...I could write a book! Happy you got your glove back...hopefully he will learn :o)


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