Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Chilly Dogs and sewing a bit

binding pile
All that's left over
I put the binding on Matt's Saints Quilt and need to stitch it down.  Getting there.  Maybe this weekend.  Oh, and i put the binding on the Gears from JudyMs pattern.  Have to stitch that down too.

Not sure when I will get things done as the CAAWS Volunteer Appreciation Party is tomorrow night and we have a ton of work to do.

It is very cold tonight, getting to freezing at 32 to 30  is what they are saying.  We don't get as cold as the outlying areas but we generally get colder than the city itself.  We are the very last house against the city limits out into the parish.  We still get city stuff when the people one street over do not.

This is what I encountered when I finished putting out the garbage.  I opened the gate and saw the two faces.

 I laughed and they wagged.  If they would have seen this one, they would have wagged even harder!  This is me and Pat, who is the outgoing President of Remember Me!  She made some great peanut butter fudge things........yeah, buddy!


  1. Abby's hot doggie buns would go perfect with your chilly dogs. Abby LOVES to lay on the heater vet.


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