Monday, December 3, 2012

Design Wall Monday 12-3-12

The month of November flew by me!  I guess I need to start putting together the things for the Holiday Gifts I am giving this year.

I finished Matt's Saints Quilt.  Well the quilting anyways.  I plan on taking Tuesday to trim and bind the thing.  It is WONDERFUL!  I really love this quilt.  I think I will take some of the material from my mom and Pat and make a few more in this wonky pattern.

I have the Southwest Quilt on the frame with a book in the new CD player.  Can you imagine they are not making the CD players anymore.  See my post next Tuesday for that story!

And I need to stitch the binding down by hand on the Parenthetical and it will be finished.  I was going to give it to Carrie for Xmas but she seems to hate it.  So I guess I need to find another one.  Or maybe none.  She seems to be immune to quilts.

Domiciles by Aardvark Patterns

And there is another I want to try, houses.  It is an Aardvark pattern.  The quilt shop is ordering it for me.  Don't you love those little houses, well they are not actually little.  But they are no work at all!



  1. I like your top quilt - what a great pattern!!

  2. You have been so busy. Your quilt top is so cheery and bright. Also like the Domiciles pattern.


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