Saturday, December 22, 2012

Do You Have An Artist Statement?

Dutch Quilt 2005
When I was at my Fiber Art Group meeting on Wednesday night, one of the gals had placed her Artist's Statement on the back of her piece.  I was intrigued.  I had not thought about me having an Artist's Statement, but I immediately wanted one.

Looking at some offerings on the internet, I found several artist blogs who were helpful enough to provide a framework or perhaps even a worksheet to help me formulate my own personal Artist Statement.

Andrew's Quilt 2004
How about you?  Do you have an Artist's Statement?  Are you happy with yours?  What does it say about you?  Do you still like what it says?  Do you want to tweak it, or like me, even write one for yourself?

I can pull together some good things from each of the places I visited and we can see what churns out.  How is that?
Paperpieced Star 2006

Since the Mayans were so obviously wrong, we can at least begin the new year in the most positive veins of all, a perfect Self Identification of all, your own Artist's Statement!

glen:  enjoy the eye candy!  (do you know Frank had never heard that saying before?)

PS:  Since I totally forgot to notice that 1000th post 14 posts back, I will choose a winner from the 1015th post -- This one!

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  1. I have not actually heard of an artist statement - what is in it? I had heard recently on the news that no where in the Mayan calendar did they say it was the end of the world that was something that media came up with and the movie makers!

  2. Ah, the Mayan calendar, the one where we start again! and what better than to have the focus of an artists statement! Now I don't have one, but have seen on some competition entry forms it is a requirement and this may have put me right off. So perhaps I need to think about it a little more :) some links would be great Glen

  3. Having to come up with an artist statement reminds me too much of work. I was a teacher and we always had to write goals and objectives. I'll leave the artist statements to the serious quilters. I just quilt for the fun and fellowship.

  4. I've never heard of anything called an Artist's Statement. Tell us more about it and give us an example!

  5. I dunno but your blog has quickly become one of my top favorites of my reader ;) I love your creativity but your dog stories are the star lol! And plus it makes my misbehaving furballs seem much more tame :) Thanks for blogging!

  6. I thought that artist statements were about a specific piece, not a general statement. I take it you are talking about a general statement about my artistic "vision". Then, OF COURSE I don't have one. But maybe having one would clarify my own mind.? Not sure. Please say some more!

  7. I've wanted to write one but never really knew what to say. I'd love any insight or links you found helpful in writing one. There is a quilt show online that I will have to look for the link, but will share when I find it. She wants you to include an artists statement and that's not the first time I have heard of them being needed, so it's good to have one. Thank you for bringing this up and giving me a little kick to get me doing it.


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