Saturday, December 29, 2012

Ending 2012

Tomorrow will be the last Stash Report for 2012.  This is much more dramatic than the Design Wall Mondays which will just report on what I am currently working on.  (which is not much at the present time until Frank goes back to work and I can actually get something done around here!)

But the last Stash Report for 2012 will be the culmination of an entire year of keeping track of what I have bought and what I have used.  I can't believe I am in the red.........That I bought more than I used.  And this happened in two periods.

The first was when Fabric Krazy had 50 and 0% off their stock so they could move to a smaller location.  I went three times to that store.  And I bough over $100 each time.  But I got some great new stuff to mix in with the old stuff from Pat and my mom.  So it was good.  All good.

The second period is the last of the year end inventory sales, all 40 50% off.  And I went to several stores and bought over $100 each time!  LOL.  Mia's shop was the biggest culprit there!  But, again, I got some really great new stuff to mix in with the old.  And there was Houston, yes, Houston...........(she says dreamily)

In 2013 I would like to be in the black, that is to use way more than I buy.  I was pretty good for most of the year, but those whopper sales did get me in trouble!

glen:  hey, this one looks like the ghastlies.......hmmm, maybe I need some zombies


  1. My bad day was today! Deal with J&B was fabric as reward for helping. Over $350 worth od fabric came home with me and I still have credit! Now I need to sew!

  2. I bought a piece of the last one on the bottom right and have used it in three quilts so far. New fabric is so much fun because of all the possibilities.


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