Tuesday, December 18, 2012

It has happened again

Elephants for Carrie's Quilt
Ann used her evil power to lure me to the quilt shop having a 50% off sale and held my head under water until I bought at least $100 worth of fabrics.

Will the new year ever get here so I can start with a clean slate again?

Measuring tapes!!!!!!
Will I be able to use enough fabric to be able to see my floor this year??

Will I be able to get my new purchases in the door without frank asking me if I really need more fabric?

 I could not resist the measuring tape, just because!

And the zebra print is gorgeous!  A hint of teal blue over the taupes.............to die for!

I also bought 10.5 yards of a really nice heavy white that I am going to use in a lot of negative space quilts this year.  Negative space, that is what I am going for!

Negative space in my quilt room too!


  1. My first thought was what did dinozzo eat?

  2. I tell you I keep telling myself to go a year without buying any fabric and I will try to do that for 2013 - I have gotten enough this past year accumulated added to what I already have to last me a good 5 years or more I bet -- including background fabric!!

  3. Gigging fabric is one way to make numbers even out!

  4. But it so pretty! I was beating myself up for a while because of buying so much, but it does keep me out of the bars!

  5. PLEASE tell me the manufacturer/designer of that zebra fabric! My granddaughter has asked for zebra fabric in her high school graduation quilt, and I haven't seen any anywhere. Help me out with info on where to look.


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