Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Recipes from Louisiana Restaurants

Excellent cookbook if you love true Louisiana cooking and eat in these restaurants.  Between Frank and me, we have eaten in about 75% of the places in here.

Louisiana's Best
Restaurants Recipies

Compiled by John Bailey

I got it for about $8 on amazon.

But if you want a gorgeous coffee table book go look at John Besh's My New Orleans.  Unbelievable pictures of the city I grew up in and recipes that fueled our energy.


If you want a cookbook with recipes of everyday people, what we cooked, what we ate,how we cooked and the stories of the common people,  you will LOVE this one

Cooking Up a Storm

Remember when The New Orleans area was up under water for three weeks after Katrina, and so many things were lost?  So were the family recipes.  This book is from the archives of the Times  Picayune and asked for the residents to send in their recipes.

The book is amazing, totally amazing.  All would be fabulous Christmas presents.

I love to cook and I love cookbooks!  These are some of my favorites.
If youwant a cookbook


  1. I'm glad you found your lost quilt parts. It drives me nuts when I cant find things I know I have! Short drive many days.

    Hope the doggies are staying out of trouble. I plan to blog again this weekend. I promise!

  2. I am now caught up on your goings for the last week since I have been away. Glad you found your lost quilt parts. What is up with McGee? Eating fabric? I am glad he is ok, but do you think he learned anything by this experience? Yes, the groom is my brother.


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