Monday, December 24, 2012

Snow Globe

This is too cool.  What will they think of next?

Carrie loved snow globes when she was a kid.  On this one you just key in your address and see your house in the snow globe.

And I am assuming they don't come later and rob you!  LOL.  So since I did it, all of you have to do it so there are too many houses for them to choose from............

Merry Christmas!

Drive safely to your loved ones houses.

Don't get angry, don't say something that will antagonize a loved one until Wednesday.  Let them have Christmas Day!

And if you want to make your own snowglobe check out this site:

I am headed off to make 12 pies in a mason jar and some of my dad's wonderful corn casserole for dinner tomorrow at Carrie's house.


  1. neat I just saved that link. I used to have a really pretty large one for Xmas and we took it out of the box several years back and found that somehow all the liquid had leaked out of it. I guess it had gotten cracked or something and we didn't know it. I have never found one I liked enough to replace that one - we had it for so many years and loved it - there was a little Xmas village inside of it.

  2. I tried the address snow globe thing!! Fun. I checked out pretty much every place I've ever lived! Thanks for posting!


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