Friday, December 14, 2012

The Fat Lady Has Sung........

The CAAWS Volunteer Appreciation Party (aka the Christmas Party as everyone calls it anyway) is over!  And I am glad.

 Here are pictures of some of our board members, three of which are new this year!

We had great food, some donated by Canes (of which I have a whole tray leftover) and two cakes I brought.  AJ made all kinds of excellent salads and there were 200 lbs of Jambalaya delivered.

Lots of free drinks and free food and awards.  Bonnie, a way cool quilty cat friend, donated a beautiful quilt that was given to the volunteer of the year Kelly.  Kelly was overwhelmed with not only the honor of the award but the quilt itself.  It was a huge boost to her to win this appreciation from her peer volunteers.  And she deserves it.
We raffled off a Shop Vac and took in over $90 and donations from the party bar totaled about $36.  That is two dog spays!  Yes!

Today Frank was off and we paid our property taxes (which have gone up 51% this year and we are pretty sure our property value has not gone up that much at all.)

And we ate at Byronz Bistro and had those fabulous papas frites with 4 kinds of cheese melted on them.

And we FINALLY put up some of the Holiday Lights.  I have no tree and nothing inside but I wanted outside people to see that I at least was acknowledging it was a holiday season.

Maybe now I can sit and sew again and get MY gifts going in the right direction!



  1. What? No picture of the quilt or the winner? Glad you had a good time, looks like it was fun. :)


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