Sunday, December 23, 2012

Well, The Mayans Were Wrong!

Happy Holidays from our pups to yours!

Oh, I am so excited~!  I got my email from Cotton Robin with directions about creating the first block center for the 2013 Spring Cotton Robin!  I will put my thinking cap on and get it worked on and mailed out to Julie by the 15th.

As usual, everything I have laying around here as an orphan is larger than 9 x 9 or 9 x 6 and it needs to be that or smaller.  So new, I guess it is!

Stash Reports are really bad bad bad, I don't know whether to be glad it is the end of the year where I can start anew, or to be chagrined that is it the end of the year and I can use enough up to balance it out!

I hit those sales, you know, 50% off is a BIG draw! And then there was Mia herself!  Totally sweet.

Anyway, here is the damage in week 51:

I added 4 yards specifically for the Mystery Quilt for River City so that negated itself.  And I am counting it in 2012 because in some convoluted way I figure I purchased it in 2012 and I am cutting it up and sewing it before the January Meeting.

The rest of the adding was more of the sales the day after the original day I went and counted it last week.

I guess it is good, I only added 8 yards over last year, but look at what I did.  I changed out 232.5 yards of old stuff and brought in new stuff I really like!  That is worth the increase.

How did you do?

used this week -9.25
used in Dec -12.75
added this week 20.5
Add in Dec 38.5
Used YTD -232.5
Added YTD 240.5
Stash Increase  +8


  1. it looks like for everything you used you added :)what kind of stash busting is that LOL
    Merry Christmas

  2. Refreshing your stash is what it is all about! Out with the old and in with the new -Just dont hoard the Old Although some of the old is worth hoarding! Love my picture of the pups.

  3. Your Christmas photo is awesome! Such angelic dogs!

  4. Here's the link I mentioned in my last comment - it's called dare to dance - sounds intriguing and it's free;-)

  5. I like your idea of stash busting... it's about like mine! :)

  6. You have had a good year. Congrats on using as much as you brought in.

    Merry Christmas

  7. Think positive. You busted over 232 yards in one year! That is totally awesome!!

    Due to surgery Dec. 28, I wll miss the Jan. RC meeting. I would like to participate in the mystery, so please email the Jan. instructions.

    Merry Christmas!
    Loretta in La Place


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