Saturday, December 15, 2012

Woe is me!

I have had this book that I keep all my passwords in for years.  Years.  All of a sudden it has disappeared.  I can't do anything with most of my accounts, including my email account until I find it and get what the password is to all my sites.


Can you hear the not so nice words I am saying in my head right now?  I am sure you know what I am saying.  I really should practice Cat Zen like Cali does.  Can you see her all tucked?

I am so aggravated.  This didn't happen when Frank had his office in Houma or Belle Chasse.  But now he is so concerned about using the "work" computer that he uses mine.  Not a problem, but my room is a mess, and my computer desk is a mess, and he gets aggravated with my mess and, well, you know.

I have to admit, I did find a $100 bill on my desk when I cleared it to search for the password book.

So now I REALLY have to clean my room up and see if I can find it in there.  So aggravating.

But the trip to the Farmer's Market this morning garnered two huge cauliflowers, a passel of brussels sprouts, a bunch of carrots and another of beets. 16 Meyer lemons and 21 Louisiana Naval Oranges.

I spent my $20 and $5 of the second twenty I took in my pocket.

I cam home and made 3 frozen casseroles of cauliflower in cheese sauce and a 13 x 15 dish for the fridge.  I parboiled the brussels sprouts for Monday when I will put a sauce of balsamic vinegar and walnuts on them.  I cleaned up the tiny carrots for boiling and the beets were washed and their greens for salads.  The lemons will be in the sweet iced tea I make every day.  And the oranges will be blended with apples and spinach for breakfast and will make a nice sauce for the beets one night.

I love orange beets!


  1. it is very hard to deal with passwords - everything needs one and they say to not use the same one for everything - what is a person to do -- good luck!

  2. Oh my gosh, if I lost that notebook that I have, I would die. So many different places and so many different rules about what you can and can't use, they are all different! I'd be in a panic! I sure hope you find yours.


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