Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Busy Wednesday

I have a busy Wednesday planned.  First off I have the yearly ultrasound in preparation for the Surgeon next week.

Then I have a meeting with the LSU administrative group touring the shelter for their involvement in our program

Then I have a night meeting at the nursing home with the family council.

Oh and I was featured over on Eva Paige's quilting with Hotties blog about my Taking Names quilt we are working on.
I am on the iPad and I don't have access to my photos right now.    If I get a chance I will post some pics for you during the day.

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  1. You do have a busy day ahead. The ultrasound - I hope that is just preventative. I having a busy day myself - I went to the grocery store before work at 7 am (I was the first person in the store), I want to go at lunch to a wallpaper store and see if they have any paintable wallpaper (I want to do another room), and after work it will be wallpapering, lots and lots of cleaning, making rolls for my brother who is coming over Thrusday to help me, and making a lasagna for my brother to take home to his family for dinner. I am tired just thinking about it! Today and tomorrow will be the last big push for home projects and then I can slow down and pace myself so I can fit in some sewing. Good luck with your day!


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