Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Finished My Parts

Last night I finished my round one of the Cotton Robin!  I knew immediately what I wanted to do on my row. I can't show you of course, it is all a big secret.   I thought I had the tension right on my little Brother machine ( can't wait for my new one to come in, it will be perfect you know), but after I got all 14 of the little blocks done, starched and ironed flat, I realized that the corners were falling off.  So I had to pull each stitch line out, and re-sew each one.

Wall to Wall People
But the good thing is that I figured correctly and they fit the center block perfectly!

I used a piece of a vintage apron I found in my Aunt's stuff.  It looks really nice.

Dressed Up
And I am eagerly waiting for my packet of background strips for the Taking Names Block Swap.  I   hope to get them before I head out to retreat.

Oh, here are some pic from the Mutts Parade!

Danielle said this morning in her Truthbomb that we should go where the love it.  My take on that is there are too many people who will treat me well to have to stay around those who don't.  I have a number of things to get set up for the retreat.  Can you tell, I am getting excited about the River City Retreat next month?  Who from here is going?  Karen, Joni,
Police K-9 Attack

For pictures of the dogs and the contests check out Julie's great photos:  

 I thought I had some video but obviously not!  LOL.  Gee, I think I will include it just to give you a good laugh!  The new camera takes video differently than the old one, and I was taking video when the button was OFF!  So check out my weird video.  My sunglasses make an appearance along with my feet.  When you see the plants that means I am staring at the controls on the camera trying to figure out why it is not working!


  1. I am considering going. I got in touch with Cynthia yesterday to see if there is room. I need to work on some quilts and other baby things for my niece's twins. I'm going to try to stop by and visit at Red Stick later today.

  2. did they every find the lost dog who abdicated his throne? Hope so.
    Looks like the parade was very crowded, great video... :)

  3. Parade looks like it was fun!. New devices can be challenging when learning how they work. But it will be fun learning how your new sewing machine works! Thanks for posting. Glad parade was a success and hope ya'll raised lots of money for that great cause!

  4. glad to find your blog. :) i'm a new follower.. doing the Taking Names group quilt, too. mutt parade? be still my heart. :) we have a newfie, love the pic of your swiss.


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