Sunday, January 27, 2013

Lard, Stash Report and Taking Names

Once again I have saved the life of McGee.  That dog is so darned lucky.  He learned how to open the pantry.  So while I was on my computer, I heard some noises I couldn't identify.  Upon investigation I found an empty box of lard.  So out came the hydrogen peroxide and his leash.  He threw up hunks of pure white lard along side the driveway.  And now I need to figure out how to keep the pantry doors Basset-Proof.

used this week -10.65
Used Jan -14
added this week 3.5
added jan 3.5
used YTD -14
added YTD 3.5
stash reduction -10.5

Ohhhh!  My numbers are looking good!

Credit goes to the Scottish Lad quilt that got sent off to Scotland on Thursday and the Taking Names quilt.  I will use up a lot of stuff for the Taking Names Block Swap between now and the end of February.  I am hoping that I have a lot of stuff in my stash and don't have to go buy more. If I do, it will just be a FQ here and there.....cross your fingers

I am loving the Taking Names quilt.  It is a pattern by Eva Paige and the group is testing it.

I also made this cheesecake beauty.  It is worth the calories! Oh my is it good


  1. Great numbers and great quilts! Thanks for saving McGee again! Have fun today at the parade-I hope it sur axes last year!

  2. you must really love that dog - I wouldn't have the patience and he would have been out of my house years ago :)

  3. My friend had a Bassett named Barney Fife that used to get in her pantry. I changed her door knob out to be a locking knob but I put the key hole on the inside and the little turnie thing on the outside. She loved it and it worked like a champ!

  4. Great numbers this week. I know McGee is grateful that you save his life. Dogs are such fun, even when they pests.

  5. Quilted muzzle....just saying'....

  6. why do you have lard in your pantry?

  7. You may have to get those baby proof locks for your doors. Poor thing! Maybe just the experience will stop him! The quilted muzzle is cool idea...umm.


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