Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Quilt I Can't Show You - Karen don't look at this post until we have lunch tomorrow

I just finished the quilt I can't show you.  I can't show you because it is my mystery quilt for this year.  But I have mine to the top stage as of now.  I love it.

I did make a mistake and need to rip out a section and turn it around.  I didn't notice that I had done it incorrectly until I had it on the design wall and was trying to design a baby quilt  around one of the corner blocks.  I realized that the two corners were not the same.

Easily corrected.

The other problem I had was not having a large enough difference in my value between my print fabric and my light.  The dark is dark!  But the Print and the Light are too close to medium, so remember to not make that problem when you get your fabrics.

You need a print first.  And take the print to pull two colors, a dark and a light.  And if you have any question shoot me a picture or bring it to a meeting and let me look.  I thought mine would be no problem and it way.  Big time.

I wish I could show you, I really do love the mystery quilt once again.

I will be meeting my cousin tomorrow to bring Matt's Saints Quilt to him along with his pillow and Karen's Siamese Kitty Duffle bag.  Remember that?

I hope to remember to take pictures tomorrow!

And it has rained steadily all day, and maybe tomorrow even.  Travel is not recommended!


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  1. Mmm I remember the bag...it is beautiful! I think you just shot my color selection down.


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