Friday, January 11, 2013

Whole lot of rain and a little bit of sewing going on

On Wednesday, I drove down to to Middendorfs to have a long lunch with Cousin Karen and finally get our Christmas present to exchanged.  We had the famous thin fried catfish Middendorf's does so beautifully.  Oh my, that is good.

Cousin Karen gave me a basket full of foods to cook.  She knows I LOVE to cook.  Lots of great looking soups and seasonings.  Can't wait to get into some of those packages.

The weather was so bad on the way down, the fog was thick as pea soup,  I took several photos to show you what a brave girl I am, driving on my ow.  In a torrential storm.  I definitely had my big girl panties on!  Normally you can see the cypress trees that line the bayou along the elevated highway.  You can barely see the vehicle in front of me.

There were several accidents along the way where people had skidded off the roadway.

 There should be no water in this photo!  That is not a lake, it is runoff that has not yet runoff into the Amite River.  Right along the side of the highway.

I went yesterday to have my hair done, I now sport some stripes!  Yes, I look sort of like a tigress!  Beware!

This afternoon I helped a friend set up a blog.  It was like the blind leading the blind as some times.  She would say somthing, I would think it meant something else.  Then we would laugh.

I started on Maylee's quilt.  First I cut up the cute little onesies and piled them up.  Then I put a double sided, oh what do you call it, stitch witchery stuff, on the back and trimmed them down a bit.  Then I adhered them to a thin white fabric to server as a stabilizer.  I like doing that better than

 I decided to put a sashing around each block since they are all different sizes and colors.  I was making it up as I went along!  Imagine that!

Here is what I ended up with so far


  1. sure sounds like you guys have gotten pounded with rain - I normally just stay off the roads - I don't like driving in heavy rain

  2. We have had a lot of rain in the Lake Charles area. It looks like we will get more over the weekend. My sister in the state of Iowa called me this morning and said to send them some. They need it. I love catfish, I bet it was really good.

  3. Yep! I am proud of you for braving that weather. Lewisburg was swimming even on Tony Road. Today the water is much lower but more rain expected. Now you know why I have webbed toes and huge flat feet. LOL!


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