Friday, February 1, 2013

First Project on the New Quantum

I used one of the frozen oatmeal "pucks" for breakfast to see how it worked.  It worked pretty well!

McGee created art:

I wanted to sew something on the new machine to get a feel for how it handled.  It will come on the retreat in a few weeks and really need to be familiar with it before I get out in the middle of nowhere and have problems.

In my mother's stuff we moved into my foyer, there is a simple quilt she never finished.  She collected fabric and quilt magazines but never made a quilt.  Not because she couldn't, she was an expert seamstress, sewing since she was a little girl on garment construction for my grandmother's customers.  Everything we wore growing up was made by her, everything.  Me being a tomboy and my brother being a boy didn't stop her.  She sewed my brothers pants and my father's shirts and suits.  All my bedspreads and curtains, which I got to change every 4 years.

She was pretty obsessive and we had this schedule:

Year 1 - Her room
Year 2 - Living room/Dining room/Kitchen
Year 3 - My room
Year 4 - Kenny's room

So every fourth year I got to change my stuff.

She sewed a lot!  Even making our underwear and slips, my wedding gown and my bridesmaid's gown.  Frank got to rent a tux, lucky guy.

Chloe models her good side
So when she got old, she wanted to quilt.  And she would come here to Baton Rouge and I would cut and line stuff up, and she would run the seam through the sewing machine.  That way we put together a couple of quilts.  She found this material with safari animals and wanted to make it for her husband's great granddaughter's baby.  (I won't go into it, but his family was mostly unmarried with multiple last names.)  The quilt never got finished.  So I finished sewing around about 5 of the pictures.  It is a printed piece, nothing is actually pieced, and the back is this wild green.  See Chloe modeling?

So I found it and decided that since it was the very last thing my mother worked on, that when Carrie has a baby, I will give it to her.  Carrie is not as sentimental as I am, but it will make me happy.


  1. Congrats on the new sewing machine. I hope it is everything you wanted and more! You have had a crazy week! I think it is great that you are going to finish the quilt.

  2. Making yourself happy is important lady! It's nice you have such fond memories Of your mom--doing stuff together I mean. I was a tomboy too and never took to sewing (I was too busy under the hood of a car with my dad) mom quilted and baked...I didn't like either. Too girly. Now, my mom is 2000 miles away and I so want to sew with her...but I took up sewing and she quit...funny in an ironic kind of way.


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