Thursday, February 14, 2013

Frank brought me turtles!!!

The chocolate kind!

And I ate them!

And they were good!


  1. I love those! Mike got me Ghirardelli dark chocolate - 2 bags! it will take awhile to eat them - I drag it out and treat myself to one a day

  2. Stelly gave me a miniature rose bush b/c he knows I dislike cut flowers. And he is enduring and paying for DGS Chris and I to go eat crawfish which he doesn't really care for (too much work) Friday.

  3. I bought myself a cactus. He is so cute! I love turtles too! There is a place in Walnut Creek, Ohio that makes the best turtles I have ever had. Great big salty pecans with sweet chewy carmel and tasty chocolate. They are huge too! I try to stop by there one a year and buy myself a treat.


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