Monday, February 11, 2013

Home is the Retreater, Home From the Hills

And exhausted!  Ann and I roomed together in a kid's camp room.  Bare bones with bunk beds!  LOL.  Everything I moved on the bed, it sounded like the next room in a sleazy hotel.  The place is about a 2700 years old and full of molds and sweaty boys leftovers.  But it is set in the beautiful piney forests of mid-Louisiana with its rolling hills and clear air.

On Saturday morning three of us walked down the road about a mile or so and came across a waterfall, OK  it was the rill tributary running under the road and over some concrete pieces about  6 inches and it sounded nice like a waterfall.

On the way up there, my GPS voice was so low that I was 3 exits past before I realized I was not hearing it.  So I got off in the middle of Scotlandville, which is a really bad place, and had to pull over to fix it.  But somehow I set it to LOCK and had to drive with the stupid thing to my ear the whole rest of the way.

And once I got headed in the right direction, albeit from the north rather than the south side, I stopped at Burger King to grab something for lunch.  I ended up knocking my Dr. Pepper into the center console and now it is so sticky the pens and pennies are permanently adhered!  Still can't figure out how to change the Lock setting on the GPS thing.

I arrived early Friday like about 10 AM and settled in the Lakeview Room since we had such a large crowd of about 22 ladies.  I immediately set to sewing the binding on Maylee's quilt.  Then I played around with a binding tool that came with my new sewing machine and put the binding on the doll quilt.  With a little practice it is the way to go, I am telling you!

Then I did some odd pieces that have been sitting around and needed only a few things done for completion.  On Saturday I set to work on Ker Bloom! a Stephanie Brandenburg quilt.  She is a painter, and it shows in the fabrics she designs.  You can see her work at Fern Hill Quilts online.  I spent all three days in Houston in her booth and bought something every day!

This is the lady who does
our cooking, she lives
at the lodge
That bad weather that hit Mississippi was coming through and everyone was trying to leave early on Sunday to avoid being on the road when it hit.  Ann left earlier than me by about 20 minutes and I arrived home at noon for lunch with Frank, who was just as cranky as when I left him.

We stopped every once in a while and stretched.  That kept us from getting stiff and keeling over.  Breathe ladies!

And here is my Ker Bloom!  Yes!


  1. Looks like you had a great time, and some awesome quilting happening there!

  2. Wow...all the great projects everyone was working on! Looks like you had a grand time and I'm glad you made it home safely! Thanks for posting all the great pics. Your Ker Bloom is awesome!

  3. Love Ker Bloom and your colorful kitties! So pretty.


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