Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Sewing at Red Stick

Ann and I met at Red Stick today and I bought some Saints looking fabric for the pillows my cousin requested.  They loved the one I made with the scraps from Matt's Saints quilt and want two more.  I used all but 2 strips of my saints fabrics, so I will have to scrounge more for the two pillows.

I also bought a remnant of Little Red Riding Hood.  I couldn't resist it.  I didn't need it, but I definitely wanted it!  But then I have a whole room of that kind of fabric!

I got the Ellies trimmed for binding and Maylee's quilt trimmed for binding.  I am hoping to have Maylee's quilt finished by the meeting on  Thursday night.

I have my surgeon's appointment tomorrow morning early.  Why do I make these early appointments like this?  Am I a forgetful idiot?  The traffic is so bad around the hospital, I will have to leave so early.   Oh well, early it is.  I can't even treat myself to a hamburger at the Times I will be so early!

Ann trimmed up her In The Beginning Quilt for Landon.  And that is on its way to getting a binding.  It is too cute!

More tomorrow

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