Sunday, February 24, 2013

Stash Report and New New New Car

Yesterday was such a dreary day and today dawns without a cloud in sight!  We are heading to Hammond to deliver Maylee's quilt to the parents and have dinner at our favorite restaurant Brady's.  We lived outside of Hammond for 7 years just prior to moving to Baton Rouge 28 years ago.  And Brady's had the best huge-est plate of Nachos and the best Reuben Sandwich I have ever eaten!

We were sitting on the back patio sipping coffee, and the woodpeckers were hitting the power line poles pretty hard.  There were three of them.  I took a picture of the poles because in one month you will not be able to see them with all the leaves.  I also took some pictures of the tree trunks in the yard hoping to do some tree studies in quilts.  Maybe a series.  I have a lot of trees in my collections of vacation pictures having been fascinated by them for many years.  this design class has spurred me to thinking about them again.

And I took a picture of the new baby in the sun, that Gunmetal Grey still looks bland, but it is truly a beautiful vehicle and he is soooo happy with it.  It doesn't need a key, you push a button to turn it on.  I am really good at pushing buttons, so this should be a breeze if I ever need to drive it!

I have finally put together a stash report for the last three weeks, like all of February   And you will be pleased.  So this is 6, 7 and 8.

used this week -11
Used Feb -14.25
added this week 5
added Feb 5
used YTD -31.5
added YTD 8.5
stash reduction -23


  1. Are the dogs allowed in the car? Will McGee eat the car? Lol?

  2. Well, Frank won't be bring DeNosso to the vet any time soon.


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