Saturday, February 2, 2013

Stash Report Week 5 - already!

From yesterday, I did some research and found that the real name of the wonderful fractal vegetable I bought is romanesco broccoli.  It is actually described as "fractal".  For some really great photos including close ups google it and look at the images.

For your viewing pleasure check out Ray at:

"Romancing  The Wind" - Ray Bethell - YouTube_

This guy is incredible, three kites in synchronicity.  I wish I could make quilts like he guides a kite! Watch it to the end, he sets each one down precisely and gently.  

And my numbers were sort of flat for the week.  I was fighting off the cold and flu that everyone around me has.  Successfully, but not without a few tinges of sore throat and clogged sinuses.  Both Ann and Dee have been in bed, to the doctor and on heavy meds.

used this week -3.25
Used Feb -3.25
added this week 0
added Feb 0
used YTD -17.25
added YTD 3.5
stash reduction -13.75
I am down 13.25 yards so far.  And I only bought what I needed to use for the triangle background for Taking Names.  The package with the blocks we are making for the group will arrive by Monday or Tuesday and I can start on using up some scraps for those beauties.

The usage this week is for the backing for Maylee's quilt.  Oh, I didn't take a picture of it before I sandwiched everything.  I am just doing straight stitches so I figured i would us eht new Singer Quantum and get a little more time under my belt with is before the retreat.

I will be gone next weekend so I won't post to you.  The place we go has spotty internet and even spottier phone service.  You have to stand in the middle of the parking are and move around as you talk or you lose your connection.  

Have a productive week everyone, and I will have retreat photos by Monday or Tuesday.


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  1. Good job on your net total! Glad you could fight off the bug. Have a great week away. Isn't it funny that "in our time" we still have places where there is no signal. Not just out in the back forty, but in the city. I have places in my house that the signal is almost insignificant. I'm sure some geeky person, or someone more knowledgeable than I could explain it. It's more fun just to wonder at the quirkiness of technology.


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