Monday, February 18, 2013

To Accomplish on Tuesday

Ann and I will be at the Red Stick Shop tomorrow working, if you want to come by and set up with us.  We generally eat lunch at Exchequer, cheap and fast and mucho deliciouso!

I need to get two things done tomorrow.  I know, you are very tired of hearing about the low volume bricks and the 50 Shades piece.  But I do need to get the 50 Shades piece done for Wednesday night.  Aughh.....queen of the last minute, I sure wish I could find my original piece......

Darn, I looked again tonight, nowhere.......

So I did get this done today, while I was looking for grey variegated thread!

To accomplish on Tuesday:

1.  Put the strips of the low volume bricks together and complete the top

2.  Complete the 50 Shades piece.

Just know that the low volume bricks top is not as bright as it appears.  I did use a light adjustment for the photo that made it way too bright   I had a hard time figuring out which was the right side of the fabric!  I ripped quite a few times there!.

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