Saturday, February 23, 2013

What I Did On My Saturday Afternoon

I'll bet you woke up this morning saying, I wonder what glen is going to do today.  I am here to tell you, it was very interesting.  And I did it with another man!


This guy.

His name is Michael and I have known him for like a thousand years.

I had lunch at TJ Ribs, which is right across from the friendly Honda place that knows us so well.  We have purchased, oh, 5 vehicles from Michael.  He sold me my beloved little red sports car, the Prelude many years ago.  And took it in trade in 2006 for my CRV.  Not so beloved, I still miss my red beauty every day!  But that is water under the bridge.

We said, lets just go look at the new vans, Frank has run this one for 291,784 miles in 6 years and is ready for a new one.  The Odyssey before this one ran for 278,000 miles in just less than 5 years.  I bought the Prelude when he bought the first Odyssey and traded it in at 60,000 miles and now I have only 30,000 on my CRV in the same amount of time he has traveled over half a million miles!

Half a million miles.  Wow.

So just looking, mind you, walked away four hours later with me writing a check for a new Honda.

You are going to be surprised at which one, though!

The Accord survived the test drive, we did take a van for a spin but he was lusting in his little heart, which needed its medication by the way, for the Accord. I could see both the heart thing and the lust thing going on.

And this vehicle is for Frank for the next 300,000 miles.  I wanted to make sure he was liking his new ride.  Here he is waiting for them to detail the car so he can get home and let the dogs out

And here it is, at home for the first time ever.  It has so many new bells and whistles and buttons, and lights and sounds.  The dealership has two little girls about 14 years old to come out and teach you all the electronics and phone and Pandora stuff.

He is a happy boy.  Even the car seems to be smiling!


  1. great car! I bought a 1989 Accord in 1994 and drove it for 14 years. It had 280,000 km on it and we still got a $2000 trade in on it.

  2. Your car is pretty. I bought a Toyota Sienna Limited 5 years ago in May. It has everything known to man on it. As of this minute it has just over 16,000 miles. I figure I can drive it until they take my license away from me because I am too old to drive.

  3. Oh, I went from an AWESOME Honda civic hatchback (removed passenger seat and TINS of room for rescues) to a CRV (HATED IT), took the hit and traded for a Pilot...better, but the seat did not lay flat in that one...finally sold it, went back to older Accord and STILL searching for my dream car...a 1991 Honda Civic Hatchback Wagon....I love Hondas and wouldn't ever drive anything else (unless it's a New Holland tractor....)

  4. Oh, and Brenda, my first Honda civic hatchback had 420,000 miles on it when I sold it! And she still purred like a kitten and got 40 miles to the gallon on highway. I actually cried when the buyer drove away in it...Goldilocks was my very first car and I learned all about maintenance with her. Never took her to the dealer for anything. She rocked!


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