Thursday, February 7, 2013

When Someone Yells RETREAT! - What do you do?

Frank Hiking in Zion.
Pretend it is the
Manchac River in Louisiana
I sign up for it!  And this weekend we head to the Felicianas to spend the weekend sewing, eating and laughing.  I love these gals, they know how to have a great time.  No boozing, we are high on fabric fumes!  No drugs, we are hitting the color infusions!  No galavanting.....well, maybe to a fabric store.  No loose men with washboard tummies and skimpy muscle shirts, darn!  Oh, well, can't have it all!

(I wonder if we could hire those guys....)

Anyway.  Doctor visit was successful, nothing has grown, he is still cute as ever.  (I babysat him at our Uncle's Manchac River camps when he was a wee lad and I was a teenager looking for money.)

Kangaroo clip art - vector clip art online, royalty free & public ...I have so much to do today, and a Down Under Mystery Quilt to give out tonight.  I need to post the first installment for you as well.  Tomorrow that will

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  1. I love retreats, they are so so much fun! Sounds like ya'll have a nice get-a-way planned. Have fun and I expect to see pictures when you return.


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