Sunday, February 3, 2013

Working On Maylee's Quilt

No interest in football whatsoever and all they have on TV is hype.  So I spent the morning making apple pies from the numerous apples that were ready to die on my countertop.  I had suggested to Frank that we ride to get some lunch.  Uncle O's seemed like a good destination so we scouted out a few other riders and headed out.

Not open.....hmmmm.  On a Sunday?  Well, he couldn't make his mind up after that and we rode by several places before settling on Albasha Lebanese food.  That makes for a total of 6.4 miles to counteract the calories of the gyros and hummus.  And we did 3.6 on Friday so that is a good easing into the spring ride season.

The trees in the yard are getting ready to pop out in leaves.  How deep blue the sky is today!  We sat and watched the bassets hunt for stuff that must be starting to wake up and move around in the warmer temperatures.

You can see we are coming out of a medium level winter, not overly cold and not warm either.  And we always get Spring early.  But don't let that fool you, we will have one more freeze before it is over and all those buds will fall right off!

I am wondering if all the caladiums will come up again or if I need to replant.  I replanted last year and had a million come up from the years before as well.

And in a bit I will work on Maylee's quilt again.  I am using the new Quantum Stylist because it has that cool wavy stitch.  I had to elongate it but I learned another thing about the machine!

I will have this finished by tonight and maybe the binding put on.  I want to give it to Frank to bring to Dennis after my guild meetings this week.  I need to show it off a bit!


  1. Caladiums usually last around 3 years and then production dwindles.

  2. it is almost time to start planting again here as well - in fact this upcoming week there are no nights under 32 predicted - I might just put my petunia plant back on the porch that I had brought in for the winter and just bring it back in when it might get below freezing -- well maybe I will wait another 2 weeks :) I might be rushing it.

  3. Spring already? Not in Ohio! It is snowing today - 1 to 2 inches is predicted.

  4. My tomato seedling are four inches tall! I'm ready for summer! I love Caladiums but even with the mild temps here they are annuals only...unless you dig them up every year, not really into that!


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