Saturday, March 16, 2013

A Globby Plastic Mess

You know me, I can get quite dramatic when I get into something.  My camera was taking eons to upload pictures to the computer.  When I had one or five, it was easy enough to screw around with it for an hour or so.  Then I went to Las Vegas.

My sin was taking 313 pictures.  It took me 27 hours to download those pictures to the computer.  I had to restart multiple times.  I was so frustrated.

So I contacted Sony today.  Chat is the feature they call it.  Chat I did.  First Derek, then Candice, than Brianna, then Bianca, then Kimberly, then Brianna again.  We kept getting disconnected.  After 5 hours I don't think anything changed.

But maybe it did.  I began to work on a wall hanging I was testing for Judy at Mo and Mike Designs.  Bonsai.  I cut out a thousand little bamboo leaves and glued them down and took a picture.  It uploaded rather quickly with only two tries.  An improvement.

But this is what I am willing to bet you have never done before:

When I was ironing on my bamboo leaves, I knocked the iron off the ironing board and into the trash can.  It adhered to a plastic bag full of wool yarn pieces I had decided I no longer needed to keep.  See, I do throw some things away.  Of course there was also a plastic bag like you get at the grocery store in there as well and it immediately melded itself with the iron as well.

I got the iron out of the trash as fast as I could.  But plastic is faster.  So it was a globby mess.

I cursed not so silently and woke up the sleeping dog in the window seat.  What to do?  I had a piece of discarded fabric, so I pulled that out of the trash can, ran the iron over it, and what do you know?  All that globby plastic mess came right off!  Must be my lucky day!

I am so happy about that I am linking up with Off The Wall Friday (on Sunday) and telling you to go there and see all the wonderful pieces people are working on!


  1. Oh, you got so lucky. I have gotten plastic on my iron before and let it cool before trying to get it off. It was really hard to do. I'll remember to do it while it's hot if I have a next time.

  2. Someday I'll have you over for tea and I'll show you where I knocked my rowenta over on my carpet - you can tell since the iron shape burn mark is clearly still there - sighhhhhh - don't forget to link up to OTWF!!

  3. I'll say it was your lucky day---I have an antique electric iron with no steam that I LOVED for fusible applique---got that plastic on the bottom and it is STILL there. :/

  4. You were VERY lucky! (Are you Irish? ) As for the photo-loading speed issue, did anyone of those people you talked to suggest using a card reader? I used to have one (loaned it to a neighbor and never saw it again, grumble) and it was the fastest way I've used to get photos loaded. I remember it being quite inexpensive and well worth it.

  5. Oh Glen--I can see this happening and the jumping up and down and grabbing the wastebasket and iron and the strong words that might have slipped out......! Some sleeping dog probably thought their latest transgression had been discovered and ran for cover!


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