Sunday, March 24, 2013

Beauty in a Sunset and How Your Machine Works

I want to be here.  Right here in this photo.

 I took this one snowy morning in Colorado many years ago.  We were traveling back to Denver and were happy to be heading home after a wonderful vacation.  It was in the dead of winter.

Such beauty in this world.

In the interest of imparting knowledge to you, please go look at this video of Dawn explaining how our machines work.  I think you will find it interesting and worthwhile.

I did pretty well in the fabric usage department.  Although the things I worked on were small in stature.  The fabrics for the most expensive pattern in the world arrived this week.

And I finished the two Saints Pillows for my nephew Matt and his mom Cousin Karen.  I guess Matt is my cousin, but I think of him as a nephew kid.

And I completed two small pieces for the Fiber Group, Bamboo Bonsai and the Green Peace Piece.

Oh, and the baby quilt Low Volume Baby, Everyone Wants One But Few Get Them is finished and off to Carrie for the shower.  Still one to go, but I have some breathing space, she isn't even pregnant yet!  LOL.  That was a shocker when Carrie said that.

used this week -3.15
Used March -4.5
added this week 4
added March 14.75
used YTD -42.65
added YTD 23.25
stash reduction -19.4

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  1. You sure have a lot of different project going on - helps to keep things interesting and fresh.


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