Monday, March 11, 2013

Design Wall Monday 3-13-13

Before you do anything, you must look at this traditional quilt short.

I was sick in Las Vegas all last week, see my previous post for some fabulous pictures of the Valley of Fire and some of the Vegas Strip.  And my commentary on being sick in Vegas without the benefit of alcohol.

I do have wonderful plans for quilty work this week.  Not a single thing done last week because we were on Vegas Vacation, but plans for this week are evolving nicely.

I am actually cleaning out my closet.  Which is not my quilt room, which desperately needs it more than the closet, but I did find something I just can't throw out or give to the Purple Cow.  But what it means is that I am that much closer to cleaning up my quilt room.  Yes.  Really.  In this lifetime.  Maybe.

Quilty work planned for this week:

Piece Taking Names:  there are two options since I don't like what she suggested.  She wants them in huge hexagons with blanks between them.  First off I don't have any background orange left since I was an idiot and cut way more strips than I needed before anything even started.  And I just am not a hexie girl.  I really like the boxes though.  I can manipulate light and dark and have the most fantastical piece.  There are 110 triangles so that means there are 55 squares.  Since I am not a math major, I will measure it when I finish it.

Piece Tea Towel Moulin Rouge or  Chat Noir:  That should be fairly easy to do.  I have the plan for Chat Noir. It is not brain intensive, no measuring, no nothing.  Perfect for the liberal arts physics courses I took in one of my degrees.  No math.  Just fabric and a sewing machine and a cup of steamy hot Darjeeling or Dragon's Mane tea or even thick dark New Orleans Coffee and Chicory with plenty of evaporated milk.  Gotta have tea when you are making a tea towel quilt.


  1. Sounds like a plan to me! By the way, I won't be making the meeting.

  2. So sorry you were sick on your vacation - that is a total bummer! Cleaning out the closet sounds like a diversion tactic to delay cleaning the sewing room! LOL!

  3. I'm liking the way the block make it odd shape. Very geometric and as the kids say, "cool"


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