Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Honest, I had to do it, they had a gun to my head

Well, not really a gun, but I really had to do it.  What will this become?  Let's say it together everyone:

A QUILT!!!!!

Those houses just begged to live with me.  

In other news........................I received my next installment of the Cotton Robin.  Incredible piece it is!  I must make it even more incredible!

And I received a surprise.  It was a surprise because I saw a quilt and found where they were selling it.  I contacted the shop and asked if they had the kit for it.  They replied yes.  I bought it with my trusty credit card for about $53.88 including shipping.  And I thought, it must be smaller than it looked in the picture.  But what the hey, I can add borders.

When I got it today, it is JUST THE PATTERN!  What????????  (eyes popping out of head)

Yes, you heard me correctly, just the pattern.  I still have to purchase all the fabrics.

I have to bestill my beating heart.  I think I really must love this pattern........


  1. Holy Cow, it must be one heck of a fandangtastic quilt for the pattern to cost that much! Holy Moley Macaroni! Please share with us? :) I'm nosey!!

    I love the fabic, those houses are too cute and the dots are my kind of stuff and I'm even on a green kick lately so I like that too! :)

  2. The fabric is way cute! $53.88 for a pattern?!! HOLY Sh*t!!! You have got to send me a picture of what this looks like. This sounds like the story of the woman who bought the chocolate chip cookie recipe that she thought was $2.50, but when she got her bill it was $250.00.

  3. Holy Shit is right! Pony up Glen! We want a pic!

  4. I have seen that trend lately with super pricey patterns where the total cost is easily $150 then add fabric as desired. I just walk away from those....

  5. If you really, really love it, I guess that's one thing. If not, I'd be returning that pattern for a refund.


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