Saturday, March 9, 2013

No pictures just yet

I had hoped to have some pictures for your viewing pleasure.  The Strip is incredible at night.  Valley of Fire is incredible by day!

This is the first time I have downloaded huge amounts of photos from the new camera and it is fighting me for some unknown reason.  I have spent ALL day working on getting just 313 photos into the computer.  I am thinking that there is something wrong with the cable.

I guess I will call Sony on Monday. Or head to best buy tomorrow.


McGee was not home 20 minutes when he ate a potholder.  Total strangers kept him alive for a week without me, and he tries to commit suicide when I get him home......

I found out the Dee had the very same crud I had while we were gone.  And we met them for dinner on Saturday night before we left.  Give it a two day incubation period and you have a nice little virus going on!!!

Hopefully some pictures tomorrow or maybe even late tonight

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  1. Easier to take the card out of the camera and if you computer doesn't have a built in card reader, get one cheap from Amazon and do it that way! It's safer too from what I understand.
    The only time I risk hooking my camera up to my computer is when I am silly enough to put pictures on the built in drive on the camera!

    I'm really anxious to see your pictures!!


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