Saturday, March 30, 2013

No Sew Saturday - Bad Bad McGee

Tonight we are off to a dinner party at the Donahue's beautiful home.   It will be good to see that group again, it has been a while.  Carrie and Andrew are off to Natchez to celebrate their anniversary #4.  We are grand-dog sitting.
Chloe - the good one

Hugeaux - look at his hair sticking up!
We worked in the yard today because it is supposed to rain tomorrow.  I bought marigolds, begonias, coleus and zinnias to mix in with the caladiums that were so prolific last year.  I know most will come back but some were rotted to mush.  So there was some space to put the new beauties I planted.

I do container gardening because of the idiots dogs I have running around.  Even so, I am not sure the ones I put out today will not get up earthed by the idiots  dogs.    I can't find where the photos from today went in my computer so you get my lovely pansies I just pulled up.

Frank bought me a little sit upon stool that rolls along the flower beds.  It is too cute.

After doing all that work we chilled on the deck for a while.

McGee and DiNozzo w Frank
I went to take a bath, Frank vacuumed, then bathed.  When I came out to the kitchen, McGee had struck.

We keep their dog food container wedged under the microwave stand so they can't get into it.  For 28 years we have had that there, with never a problem, until McGee.  He works the box out from under the stand, opens it and fights anyone off who tries to enjoy his efforts with him.  I mean, he works to get that out of there.  So I changed the way I put it in there.

And he looks so innocent here
Today, he MOVED THE MICROWAVE STAND to get to the food container!  He is like the Arnold Schwarzenegger of Basset Hounds.  Gotta admire his tenacity and the ability to keep thinking of ways to get at it.

Oh, and see my Japanese rock garden behind me?  I love it.
One day I will have to show you how we use grass to make it look like the water falling over the dam and rippling in the pond.

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  1. I'm telling you, McGee needs a muzzle. I could send you Lulu's old one. What a stinker that boy is. Hugeaux is adorable, springer? He reminds me of Rudy's mom. :) Hope you have a great time tonight.


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