Sunday, March 10, 2013


It took me nearly 20 hours to upload my measly 313 photos yesterday.  I was so frustrated with the program.  I really need to find a better way to do this.  313 photos was nothing for me.  We were only gone 5 days and I was sick most of it and didn't care if I ever took another picture for as long as I live.

I am glad that I am the photographer though.  Had it been Frank in the hallway of the big fancy Las Vegas hotel throwing up and all the people pointing and talking about alcohol in moderation, I would most assuredly been taking pictures!  I promise you I was not drunk but victim of the same virus that nearly killed my friend back here in Baton Rouge at the very same time.  We had been together the day before I got on that plane.  This was the best meal I had when I could actually force myself to eat again!  Frank, on the other hand, dined well!

I did manage to get through The Blue Man Group without incident.  And actually enjoyed the performance.  It was our 4th time seeing one of their shows.  They start out by having these huge eyeballs float around the theater.  And in the end they release thousands of miles of toilet paper from these leaf blowers rigged up with rollers.  If you have never seen them, try to do so, the two hours are spent with such high energy and good clean honest laughter.

I wanted to do this:

But we went to the Mandalay Bay Shark Reef and the Mirage's Secret Garden where the White Tigers and Pale Lions live.  The sanctuary is a successful breeding facility for these guys.  And beautiful and serene.

We went to Valley of Fire and ditched Red Rock Canyon this time because I was not going to walk in the wilderness any further than I really really had to.  I was still having bouts of the Big D and was not really pleasant to be around when I started feeling bad.

But I did agree to that one wilderness expedition.  And it was so beautiful.

Look at that sky.  Don't you want to put that into fabric!  Can you make fabric that beautiful?  I have a blogger friend who can!  I thought about her the whole time I was taking these photos!

 Las Vegas is a really fun place to be.  I solved crimes as a CSI: Las Vegas investigator, walked through the history of Atomic Energy and pawned my treasures with Chumley at the Silver and Gold Pawn shop!

It was pretty cool!

But you bet your bippy I am happy to be home again!

If you want to see some really breath taking photos of Valley of Fire I can give you the coordinates of my photo book I put together last night.


  1. Great pictures and now I want fat noodle soup for lunch!
    I cannot imagine how horrible it would be to be sick on vacation. :(
    I'm glad you are feeling better and that you made it home safe and sound! Thanks for sharing you pictures and yup, I'd like you to email me a link to the rest of them!!

  2. sorry you were so sick that is certainly not fun at any time but especially when traveling. Maybe you can go back another time - hope your friend is feeling better too - was this food poisoning or virus - or don't know and don't care at this point?

  3. Poor Glen! I had a nasty virus 2 weeks ago and ended up in the hospital for 2 days. I was so sick I was ready to just give it all up and die. Sorry it ruined your vacation. This seems to be a pretty bad strain.
    Love your pictures. The red rocks are so pretty. Take care and feel better real soon.
    Kitty Mom


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