Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Most Expensive Pattern in the World

It's the short stories that cost so much........had I known I would have made my own houses!  Honestly, this blew me away when I opened it up and found just the houses, no fabrics.  I did purchase the blue and the taupe for the backgrounds, but I think I will use my own stuff for the houses and trees!

This is her project description:

Product Description

For a long time, I’ve wanted to do a house quilt. And with the debut of my first fabric line, Architextures–an homage to my architectural roots–I thought it a fitting opportunity to create one. Instead of creating just one house to repeat, I decided to have an adventure by exploring a variety of houses. After all, that is what I see in my favorite neighborhoods, a charming mix of different architectural styles and house types. So, I started the design journey for this quilt in my hometown, roaming the streets with my sketchbook and camera in hand. I toured some of the oldest neighborhoods looking for interesting details to use in my quilt. I found loads of character in porches, awnings, and rooflines. In the end, there are 9 spaces (blocks) that make up the quilt. What I love most about this project is its hand-drawn quality. My drawing style and aesthetic are obvious in each of the prints, which makes the line feel personal and also gives the project the look and feel of a collage.

My other favorite thing about this project is that I was able to commission the very talented Alexandra Reisman to create a series of nine original short stories. These stories offer a snapshot of life in each house (and non-house), adding another creative dimension to the project.


  1. I have never seen that pattern - I guess you thought the fabric came with it? I have bought a couple patterns over the years that cost way more than they were worth

  2. So in reading the description, it's kind of a 9 short story book too?
    Interesting! Are you happy that you bought it, IF you had known it cost that much, would you have bought it?

  3. Do I want to know how much? Probablly not:-( live and learn, at least you got a nice pattern


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