Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Thinking of Easter Eggs?

I have a really cool easter pattern I bought a while back but I have to clean up my room to find it.  I actually looked for it about 3 times recently and came up empty.  I know it is there somewhere.

I really need to clean up my room......I know.  I am just about there.  Just like with smoking, I needed to be ready to quit.  I need to be ready and in the right mindset.  And it ain't there just yet!

I have given you some inspiration for Easter Quilting, there are links embedded, so just click on the underlined words and it will take you there.  Go on, you can do it!

So.  Easter Eggs?  Try this:  EASTER EGGS

What else can you do for Easter?  Easter tea, maybe?  And some of the delightful iced scones?  Yes. Invite me over when you do this!

How about a wall hanging to use up some of your stash?  This one is so cute!

Now you need a basket to put the Easter Candy into.  Maybe some of those scones......Try one of these baskets!

If you make anything, send me some pictures.  When I find the pattern I will send you some pictures!  LOL.

Maybe in a year or so.  When I find the pattern when I clean up my room.


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