Friday, March 8, 2013

This is me, can you relate?

Debbie from one of my other lists made this statement in one of her posts:

I have gotten so forgetful I could give myself a surprise birthday party!

I had a good laugh at her words.  It is definitely me!  I am sitting here freezing in my undies because I forgot to wash my jeans yesterday.  But that is another story.  

I have lists and lists and lists of lists.  I guess if I can remember my elaborate system of things that help me remember things, I am not too far gone just yet.  I keep losing my fabric covered journal I keep with the things I need to to today.  I found it yesterday, again.  And even though it is out of date by a couple weeks, there are still things in there I didn't do.  

South Seas 2010
Then on the other hand I have this uncanny knack for remembering all the useless trivia I have taken in over all my vast years.  Like If you want to teach your dog to down, sit on the ground with your knees bent and dog on one side.  Take a treat and lure him under your legs to get that treat, and you have a natural and (semi) automatic down!  How useful is that in the quilting world?

There are a lot of quilting things I keep in there as well.  Like when you want to make a setting triangle for your quilt:

Finished block size, divided by 1.414, add seam allowances and round up.

Will that do me any good if I get stopped by a cop and need to have that insurance card I forgot to put in my wallet for the last week?  

If you have missed me, I am home, I just forgot to tell you we were in Las Vegas!  I have plenty pictures once I sort through them.  And a new quilt shop on The Strip.  Well, not exactly ON the strip, but in Las Vegas!



  1. this red background that you have on here now makes it very hard to read your blog - didn't know if you have had any input on this -

  2. That first sentence could apply to me. I've gotten to the point where I carry a notebook and pen around with me so I can write down everything that needs to be remembered. Then I lost the notebook.

    Useful info about teaching dog down. I'll probably remember that if we ever get another dog.

    p.s. I don't see a red background on your blog.

  3. Aha! You were changing your blog around. I was right there with Karen, wondering how on earth you wanted us to read the grey type on the red background! But you've changed things around a bit.. errr I mean, a lot!!
    I love that Southseas 2010 quilt, very nice!

  4. I enjoyed this post and can laugh at your comments right along with you. Sometimes I think we just have too much to remember and our brains can't hold all of it!


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