Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Walk Into This Quilt

Donimique Ehrman is an amazing quilt artist.  You can just about walk into her quilts.  Click on this link and then watch the vidcast where she talks about her amazing 3-D quilts.

Click HERE to see how she makes these impressive quilts.

She works life size!  Did I say she was amazing?

The huge quilt behind her is actually 4 quilts.  Quilt Shows have had to change their rules to allow her quilts to be hung.

Oh, just go there!

I am going to be on the set of CSI soon.  Maybe even in the show! Hopefully not as the dead showgirl



  1. Dead showgirl is not a bad part!!!! But alive and kicking showgirl would be better.....
    Hope you have fun doing whatever you get to do and that you'll have a great story to share with us about it!

  2. How exciting! Which CSI? Thanks for the link to the quilt artist. I'm going there now

  3. I just watched the video - what a phenomenal quilt! Hope you get a good part -- let us know all about it.


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