Monday, April 1, 2013

Design Wall Monday

McGee struck again.  I am not sure I can ever look at that dog again with love in my eyes.

He ate one of my Nudes Bathing.  I am so furious with him..........

I have put his photo up on the website called Dog Shaming.  He deserves it.

Here is the link to that site       (GO THERE --  YOU NEED TO)

Look at my Swimmer Nude.....The picture is bad because I still don't have my stupid camera.

And I may just drop that dog off in the woods somewhere.......


  1. ARGH! yes, he needs to be shamed. Mine tends to get any pieces that are on the floor. Oops, now where is that half square triangle? And, yes, I've thought several times to put him on dog shaming!

  2. PS -- you're link goes back to one of your posts not Dog Shaming...

  3. I guess this is why the dogs and the cats are not allowed in my studio. Besides, they probably would eat a pin and then it would be a big vet bill.


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