Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Binding the Ellies

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What? Who me?

Chloe loos at the bad boys
Today and yesterday I have been putting the binding and hanging sleeve on the Ellie's quilt.  This is in preparation of hanging in Jones Creek Library in August.

I am counting on you all going to vote on it for People's Choice.  More on that later.

You have no idea how big a quilt is until you start putting on the binding.  Ellie's is one of the largest quilts I have done.  The more I look at it the more I realize how wonderful Charlene's quilting is.

Isn't that the most perfect fabric for the binding?  You bet it is!

I hope to finish it tonight while watching America's Got Talent.  I hope, because I have soooo much more to do.

I want to send out healing thoughts to Ann.  She took a tumble yesterday and looks like she lost a prize fight!  Her lip is busted and her knee is twice its size.

I resisted bringing my camera, you know I wanted to!  But I was a good friend and brought only a meatloaf dinner for her rag tag family.

And there was no hidden spycams in the meatloaf!

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