Monday, January 27, 2014

Design Wall Monday 1-27-14

Can you believe this weather?  Here, South Louisiana now, the weathermen are predicting 4 inches of snow on Tuesday.  It is not expected to get above freezing for 2 to 3 days again.  And you saw what shut down the city on Thursday and Friday last week!  Do you think we will be paralyzed now?

Of course, we have no snow plow, no salt trucks, no structural roofs that are able to handle the snow load weight.  So we are Snow Wimps, as Carol (from  VERMONT) pointed out. 

And wouldn't you know, Thursday I am heading to a retreat.  Maybe.  It is an old building from the 40's that is perpetually cold, with bumpy beds, and cold showers.  But the food the staff cooks is amazing hearty country fare that quilters love enough to lick the plates!  We go twice a year, year after year!

We shall see!

Here is what I have going on this week:

Bind Twin Babies.

Bind 4 completed kid quilts

Get ready and get to the retreat!  LOL  I have 5 quilts to work on there.

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  1. The quilts look great! We got seven inches of snow this weekend and the only people who didn't go to work are the schools. The only time I didn't go to work was once time there was a blizzard when the winds were howling 70 mph and we got about a foot and a half of snow. It just wasn't safe to be outside with stuff flying everywhere. I remember we lost a few pieces of siding off the house.

  2. Oh...I hope you make the retreat! Maybe you all will get snowed in at the retreat!

  3. A retreat! I am jealous :-) bring layers of clothing , quilts for the beds and wine ;-) enjoy

  4. I plan to retreat at home until I have to go back to deal with the third grade terrors.


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