Monday, January 13, 2014

Excitement - Just Wait Till You See THIS!!!

I went to Pilates class and then headed over to the Red Stick Quilt Shop.  (In between the two I stopped at Arby's for lunch.....)

The shop was filled with a ton of people!  And they all were getting fabric cut an buying stuff.  I was looking at yellows when someone said, this is pretty good for not even being open.

Then I remembered they are closed on Mondays!  LOL.  Rachel had a great day for not being open!  And so did I!!!!

Take a look at the most perfect piece of yellow for the London Fog piece.  The pattern mimics the face of Big Ben.  It will be a nice inner border.  i looked o  if there was a grey green but no luck.  So I think I will stay with my green and blue choices in the pile from yesterday.

I am kinda excited to start this one now!


  1. Wow! That fabric really is PERFECT! I'm having a hard time getting motivated to work on mine and this morning I realized it's because I'm not excited about the fabrics I have ...

  2. That is some great yellow fabric. Maybe that quilt shop should be not open more often! So glad to hear so many quilters are supporting that shop!


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